‘He’s going to indict a group of people’: Watch ex-prosecutor explain her theory on next round of Mueller indictments
Mimi Rocah is Pace Law's Distinguished Fellow in Criminal Justice (screengrab)

With rumors swirling that special counsel Robert Mueller could issue new indictments any day, a former federal prosecutor offered an intriguing theory on MSNBC.

In August, longtime GOP confidante Roger Stone predicted that he would be the next to be indicted by the special counsel and asked for money from supporters.

On Monday, longtime conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi predicted that he would be indicted, and also asked for money.

MSNBC analyst Mimi Rocah, who served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York, joined MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Tuesday to discuss the latest developments in the special counsel's investigations into a conspiracy with Russia by Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

The host asked Rocah when the special counsel would make the decision to indict.

"So I think, one, when they have the evidence," Rocah explained. "And two, my hunch is that he's not going to indict one person alone, but he's going to indict a group of people."

"And so it may be that he's still working on building -- you know, assuming anyone's going to be indicted, but it seems that the signs point that way -- that he's working on indicting a group of people together for similar conduct," she suggested.