‘He’s been in over his head since he took the oath of office’: Trump biographer says his problems ‘are coming home to roost’
President Donald Trump, mirror composite image

President Donald Trump's insecurity and lack of intellectual sophistication are at the heart of the increasing chaos in the White House since the "blue wave" in the midterm elections, a Trump biographer explained on MSNBC.

Tim O'Brien wrote the 2005 book Trump Nation and joined "Hardball" host Chris Matthews on Wednesday.

"Your thoughts about Trump, why is he in this funk?" Matthews asked. "Why is he hiding, why is he in a cocoon?"

"I don't think that there's anything particularly new here," O'Brien answered. "The Trump administration has been a center of chaos and a locus of chaos since the president was inaugurated."

O'Brien said Trump has "had staff turmoil, he's had staff turnover, he's been in over his head from the second he took the oath of office."

"I think we're in for two more years of this -- we may have six more years of this -- because it boils down to the fact that the president lacks the intellectual and emotional discipline and sophistication to manage a large organization," O'Brien explained.

"Ideology and partisan politics aside, he is not good at managing people or process -- he surrounds himself with third-tier people who don't challenge him, because he's insecure," he continued. "And those problems are coming home to roost now."

"But the Trump we're seeing right now is the Donald Trump who's always existed," O'Brien continued. "He ran his business this way. He got up late in the morning, he didn't pay attention to detail, he cracked under pressure and he tried to paper all of that through the force of personality and marketing -- which he was able to do when he was running the Trump Organization that had maybe two dozen employees."

"The federal government employees 2 million people," he added.