Independent Florida woman groans when CNN asks how she feels about Trump's fear-mongering over caravan
Florida independent women (Photo: Screen capture)

A CNN interview with six independent women in Florida revealed President Donald Trump is missing the mark with his fear-mongering over the refugee caravan marching to the United States.

Randi Kaye asked the women about the president's recent rhetoric he's been using trying to scare Americans about the caravan. The women all groaned, and many rolled their eyes.

"I don't like the negative direction we're going now," said Sally Clarke Fox, a Florida independent.

"I think the whole caravan thing is ridiculous," said Nicole Padro, who registered in 2016 to vote for President Donald Trump. "It's not an invasion."

"I mean, I'm ready for change, quite frankly," agreed Jessica Ciallella.

Kaye asked again if the scare tactics on immigration made them not want to vote Republican.

"That's correct," Ciallella confirmed.

"Fear is a very easy motivator to move people in one direction or another," said Allysen Kerr.

You can watch their full discussion below: