Jim Acosta explains Trump's white hot emotional meltdown: 'Depression' caused him to 'spiral out of control'
CNN's Jim Acosta. Image via screengrab.

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Wednesday suggested that President Donald Trump's "depression" over losing control of the U.S. House of Representatives had caused him to "spiral out of control" and have an emotional meltdown.

Acosta explained to CNN's Jake Tapper that he had just been doing his job at Wednesday's White House press conference when Trump accused him of being a "terrible, rude person."

"Well, when they go low, I ask the questions," Acosta said, recalling how the president became upset after hearing that a caravan of migrants in Mexico did not amount to an "invasion" of the U.S.

"It was about a lie he told about this caravan of immigrants moving to the U.S. Border was somehow an invasion when it's not, they are still hundreds of miles away and they pose nothing of a threat to the United States," the CNN reporter remarked. "He didn't like hearing that question, didn't like being challenged on that point and he certainly doesn't like being called out for his falsehoods."

"He seems to be unaware of the fact that his immigration rhetoric and rhetoric on many levels was turning off a lot of suburban swing district voters. He doesn't understand that," he added. "I think the other point that needs to be made is during this press conference, the president time and again seemed to be attacking journalists of color. He was attacking my friend April Ryan, telling her to sit down."

According to Acosta, Trump appears to be "depressed" and "despondent" because Republicans lost control of the House.

"He sounded, I thought, very depressed, very despondent, almost defeated in the way he was talking about these election results," Acosta asserted. "I think that's probably why you saw things spiral out of control. We're not used to -- the president is not used to seeing himself lose and he lost big."

Watch the video below from CNN.