Kellyanne Conway sees her husband’s anti-Trump statements as a violation of their marriage: interviewer
Presidential aide Kellyanne Conway refuses to defend Donald Trump's "dog" comments on Fox News/Screenshot

Kellyanne Conway is angry about her husband's public criticisms of Donald Trump, and sees them as a violation of their marriage, said interviewer Ben Terris in a Friday appearance on CNN.

Terris, who interviewed the couple earlier this year for the Washington Post, said "I'm sure she's not happy," when asked how Kellyanne might respond to her husband's recent podcast appearance, in which he called the Trump administration "a dumpster fire".

"She told me that she finds it disrespectful when George tweets negative things about the president," said Terris. "She said it was like almost akin to going against marriage vows, that's how disloyal it could seem at times."

Asked what the Conway's "end game" was, considering their political disagreements, Terris was circumspect.

"When I talked to George he said to me that, you know, when this is all over and when she's no longer working for the president anymore, whenever that may be, that he will dance a happy jig and he thinks things will go back to normal," Terris said. "But this is a really big thing to not agree on. So I imagine it's stressful and it's a difficult thing to deal with."

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