Leaked messages show conservatives are furious at Trump-loving Candace Owens for 'over-grifting' Kanye
Kanye West talks in the Oval Office (Screen cap).

Kanye West's decision to retreat from politics was an absolutely humiliating ordeal for Trump-loving activist Candace Owens -- especially after West called her out for using his name without his permission to tout her line of "Blexit" clothing.

The Daily Beast's Will Sommer has obtained some leaked chat messages from within conservative circles that show them "despairing" over losing one of their most high-caliber celebrities.

"They really over-grifted that situation," Lucian Wintrich, a former employee of right-wing fake news source Gateway Pundit, told Sommer. "So we lost Kanye. I guess we’ll make do with Scott Adams and James Woods."

Another conservative, who asked Sommer that his name not be used in the article, fumed that Owens and her colleague Charlie Kirk "burned Kanye for clicks, clout, and fame."

And Kanye's departure isn't the only headache for Owens and her "Blexit" campaign, as Sommers reports she's now facing a lawsuit from an unrelated organization that called itself "Blexit" long before Owens used the term to describe her effort to convince black people to leave the Democratic Party.

"Me’Lea Connelly, the founder of that Blexit, told The Daily Beast that her attorney has sent Turning Point a cease-and-desist over their use of the name," Sommer writes.

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