'When I learned that I got a chill': Bob Woodward reveals the scariest thing he knows about Trump to HBO's Bill Maher
Bob Woodward appears on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher/Screenshot

On Friday, HBO's Bill Maher interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Bob Woodward, one of the journalists who broke the Watergate scandal that brought down President Nixon.

The two men discussed Woodward's book, Fear, and Trump's ability to scare so many Republicans into supporting him. Trump is fundamentally changing the country, the men agreed.

"He's gambling with who we are and what the country is," Woodward said.

Maher said he doesn't see a scenario where Trump gives up his office willingly, and that Trump's current protests of the election results in Florida are a "dress rehearsal" for a coup.

"It is part of his being to get power over people—to crush them, to demean them," Woodward said. "What astonished me is getting close to the people who are close to him, the closer they were, the more they worked with him, the more anxiety and fear, so they would do things like steal documents off his desk."

Woodward said that he would often talk to aides who explained why the United States did certain things to Trump, who did not understand them. Many times the reason came down to "so we don't have World War III," which Trump never seemed to fully grasp.

"When I learned about that, I got a chill," Woodward said.

Watch below.