In a bombshell report Tuesday, the New York Times revealed that President Donald Trump considered ordering the Justice Department to investigate Hillary Clinton and former FBI director James Comey.

The President was discouraged from targeting his political rivals with a DOJ probe by then-White House counsel Donald McGahn, who cautioned that using the DoJ in this capacity could have a range of negative consequences, from bad press to impeachment.

On CNN Wednesday, legal experts wondered about what the president was thinking. Former prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Shan Wu pointed out that although Trump's actions—while profoundly unethical—might not be illegal, they show that he has a childlike and unrealistic view of presidential power.

"The president has this like third or fourth grader's view of what it means to be president. The president can do anything!" Wu said. "And he completely ignores the whole structure. This is a terribly unethical situation."