‘A lie’: Watch slow motion video of CNN’s Jim Acosta prove White House staffer touched him four times
White House staffer touches CNN's Jim Acosta in literal power-grab (Photo: Screen capture)

The White House released a statement Wednesday making it sound as if CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta "placed his hands" on a "young woman" without her consent. The video of the incident shows nothing of the sort. Indeed, the White House staffer was the one who touched Acosta without consent.

Raw Story slowed down the video and paused it on the incidents of contact showing the four impact zones. The first case, the White House staffer reached over Acosta's arm, touching him as she reached for the microphone. She then is seen making a second go for the microphone over the top of Acosta's arm where she touched him a second time.

The third impact zone was Acosta's right hand, holding the microphone. Acosta can be seen pulling away and his left arm, gesturing toward the president, comes down as the White House staffer straightens her arm, making the fourth point of contact. The final encounter came when she reached under Acosta, who was gesturing to President Donald Trump at the time.

Acosta even went so far as to say, "excuse me, ma'am."

The White House staffer couldn't manage to grab the microphone away from Acosta, so she kneeled at his feet, only partially out of view from the cameras pointed toward the two of them.

While the White House has said they are banning Acosta, they have not said whether the White House staffer will be suspended for touching the reporter without consent.

Acosta tweeted that the accusations are a lie.

Watch the video below: