Arkansas cops smear black mayoral candidate for hanging out with 'felon' -- who he was praying with
Frank Scott Jr. [Photo: Screengrab from video]

The Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police (LRFOP) wrote a social media post claiming a black mayoral candidate "aligns with fleeing felons," and refused to apologize for it, reported KATV News. 

The post showed mayoral candidate Frank Scott Jr. with Roderick Talley, who was charged with "two counts of theft of property, aggravated assault on a law enforcement."

The department deleted the post, but according to KATV it said, "The Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police want the citizens of Little Rock to know that candidates who align themselves with fleeing felons fail the qualification for any public office."

LRFOP president, John Gilchrist said the post was appropriate.

"Everything in the post was correct and factual, I’m not apologizing for the post," said LRFOP president, John Gilchrist.

Scott said that post was "dishonorable and accusatory," and that he was simply praying for Talley in the photo.

"This entire campaign has been about unifying our city, that's been my internal why. I want to help our city move from being disconnected to connected,” Scott said.

The Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police also endorsed Scott's opponent Baker Kurrus.