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Max Boot says time is running out on Khashoggi investigation: ‘Saudi government is going to rush to execute these henchmen’



Time is running out in the effort to discover who ordered the torture and execution of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, conservative commentator Max Boot said on CNN.

While the CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudis are clearly staging a cover-up by jailing people involved.

“The Saudi government is going to rush to execute some these henchmen who carried out MBS’ orders to protect MBS,” Boot said. “And then it will be much harder to get the ironclad evidence that will stand up in court.”

There is bipartisan support for holding MBS, Boot said, but Trump stands in the way.

“Clearly President Trump doesn’t care about this murder, he doesn’t care about morality in foreign policy or standing up for a free press,” he said. “He’s looking for excuses to essentially protect the crown price, who had forged a close relationship with the American crown price, Jared Kushner.

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Nixon lawyer warns of Trump’s ‘effective tactic’ that is helping him ‘get away’ with obstruction



Former White House Counsel under Richard Nixon, John Dean, explained that it doesn’t matter what the House of Representatives thinks about President Donald Trump’s possible crimes because it would be the Republicans in the U.S. Senate that would conduct an investigation. So, large Democratic funders like Tom Steyer demanding Congress act, aren’t helping move any action forward.

CNN host Ana Cabrara explained that Amash is just one of hundreds of Republicans to stand up for impeachment.

“There is certainly enough votes in the House, but there are not enough votes in the Senate,” Dean said. “And of course the Senate would try any articles of impeachment sent by the House. So, I think it’s a non-starter as far as removal or a guilty and removal judgment at this point. But Ana, typically these things take a process that is really not even gotten off the ground in the House yet.”

He noted that Trump’s “stonewalling” is actually helping him.

“The public is learning nothing,” Dean said. “It’s a pretty effective tactic if he gets away with it. But I think that — we’ll see if he gets away with it. They can start calling witnesses who will come up and start testifying about it because they’ve got to educate the public. And today very few Americans have read the Mueller report, even know what its contents are. So it’s early in the process, also.”

Watch his full comments below:

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‘That’s not true’: Santorum gets pounded on CNN for saying Trump can’t obstruct justice without an ‘underlying crime’



CNN conservative analyst Rick Santorum on Sunday insisted that President Donald Trump could not be charged with obstructing justice in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation because the president was accused of no underlying crimes.

During a panel segment on CNN, host Jake Tapper noted that Republican Rep. Justin Amash (MI) said last week that Trump committed impeachable acts by obstructing justice in the Mueller investigation.

“First of all, Robert Mueller didn’t find obstruction of justice,” Santorum insisted incorrectly. “He didn’t find collusion and the fact that Justin Amash did, great.”

“He didn’t not find [obstruction of justice],” Tapper told Santorum. “He basically laid out a case for Congress to decide.”

“Again, he didn’t make the conclusion that it was,” Santorum argued. “The reality is that it’s very hard to obstruct justice when there was no underlying crime to obstruct.”

“That’s not true,” CNN contributor Bakari Sellers chimed in.

“Well, I think it is true,” Santorum snapped back.

“It does happen,” Tapper said, agreeing with Sellers.

“It’s always under the president’s purview as the leader of the country to do the things that he did,” Santorum insisted. “He can hire people, he can fire people. He doesn’t have to have an excuse that fits your excuse to do so.”

“So the reality is,” the former GOP senator continued, “in my opinion and I think most Americans, there was no obstruction of justice here. And the fact that Amash is doing this, look, we see this in the Senate all the time when [Kentucky Republican] Rand Paul joins the Democrats. That doesn’t make it bipartisan. You have a libertarian who is very much outside the scope of where the Republican Party is. And he’s joined the Democrats. This is not unusual.”

Santorum concluded by calling impeachment hearings a “bonus for Donald Trump.”

Watch the video below from CNN.

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Trump compared to Game of Thrones’ ‘mad Queen Danerys’ in brutal Tapper CNN segment



In his closing segment,  “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper compared President Donald Trump to Game of Thrones’ “mad Queen Danerys Targaryen” who burned down Kings Landing with dragon fire — killing  innocent women and children — to inspire fear in last week’s episode.

Using the popular HBO show — which concludes this evening  — as a jumping off point, the CNN host compared Trump’s Washington D.C. to the fictional Westeros where fear and violence hangs over everyone as  those seeking ultimate  power jockey to sit on the Iron Throne.

Watch below:

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