MSNBC contributor predicts efforts to suppress minority voters will backfire on Republicans

MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart predicted that Republican efforts to suppress minority voters in Georgia, North Dakota, and other battleground states will ultimately backfire, and instead galvanize them to get to the polls.

"It is having the opposite effect," Capehart said, commenting on a prior interview with a North Dakota Chippewa voter. "Folks are not about being suppressed. They view it as a threat to their voice."

Capehart said minority voters were "galvanized" by the attacks on their voting rights, and were pushing back hard.

"I have said on air many, many times when it comes to the voter suppression effort of African-Americans, 'the last thing that anyone should do is to tell a black person that they cannot vote'," he warned. "Oprah yesterday gave all of the history for what you need to know about why that is."

Watch the video below.