MSNBC host explains why he rarely uses 'the i-word' — but now he's ready to talk impeachment
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

MSNBC's Ari Melber on Tuesday explained why he's now using "the i-word" — impeachment — to talk about Donald Trump.

Melber brought up the term when speaking with Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, who urged the host to let special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation be completed before bringing the prospect up.

The host, however, noted that in the New York Times' bombshell report sourced from Trump administration insiders, White House counsel Don McGahn warned the president in the spring of 2017 that his idea to prosecute ex-FBI director James Comey and Hillary Clinton could lead to his removal from office.

"We rarely use 'the i-word' on this newscast," Melber said. "We're using it in the context of reporting Trump's own top lawyer warned him about 'the i-word,' warned him this could lead to impeachment proceedings. That's what brought it into the discussion."

Watch below: