MSNBC legal analyst: Trump so ‘boxed in’ he can’t answer any Mueller questions without admitting to a crime
Glenn Kirschner/MSNBC screen shot

MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner said President Donald Trump's refusal to fully answer special counsel Robert Mueller's questions has nothing to do with executive privilege, as his legal team claims. Rather, the president is "boxed in" and can't answer anything without admitting to a crime.

Kirschner said that the president's legal team was trying to mislead the country as to the seriousness of the president's legal jeopardy.

"When we hear [Trump's lawyer Rudy] Giuliani say things like 'we're not going to answer any questions that we deem irrelevant or unnecessary', I think what the American people should hear is that 'the president is not going to answer any questions they deem incriminating,'" he said, adding the Giuliani's strategy was "transparent."

"When we hear that they won't answer questions about, for example, obstruction of justice, that is plainly because the president would be boxed in by such questions," Kirschner said, providing as example Trump's role in writing the misleading narrative about what transpired between the Russians, Don. Jr., and Jared Kushner in Trump Tower.

"If the president were to answer yes, well, now he has admitted potentially to obstruction of justice. If the president answers no, he has probably earned himself a false statements charge," Kirschner continued. "The reason that the president's defense team is not letting him answer questions about obstruction of justice is because he would be boxed in, he would incriminate himself. It has nothing to do with an exercise of any legitimate executive privilege."

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