MSNBC talks to a lifelong Republican woman in Tennessee who's now voting for Democrats because of Trump

With the mid-term elections a day away, one state that's turned out to be a surprise is bright red Tennessee, where Democrat Phil Bredesen is way ahead with women voters. MSNBC's Chris Jansing interviewed one longtime Republican woman voter who said she was driven to vote for the Democrat by President Trump.

Noting that Trump won Tennessee by 26 points in 2016, Jansing asked a woman named Denise, a lifelong Republican, why she voted for "a straight Democratic ticket".

"I'm so disheartened with the Republican party as it exists today," she said, placing the blame squarely on Trump's language about women and immigrants. "I think our nation took such a step backward in 2016."

Denise wasn't sure if other Tennessee Republican women felt the same way, but said she was "encouraged by the early voter turnout". She added that, if nothing else, Trump had done one good thing for the nation.

"If there's anything good that he could do for this country, and I haven't seen it yet, it might be that he's galvanized more people," Denise said, noting that her opposition to the president had forced her own political transformation. "I mean, I voted for Bob Corker."

Watch the video below.