'A new low': CNN's Brooke Baldwin unloads on Trump for releasing his 'dirtiest' racist campaign ad yet
CNN's Brooke Baldwin (Screen capture)

CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Thursday unloaded on Donald Trump for releasing a "racist" and "factually wrong" campaign ad attacking immigrants.

"President Trump is hitting a new low," the host said of the ad the president posted to Twitter on Wednesday blaming Democrats for an undocumented immigrant who killed two police officers in 2014.

The video, Baldwin continued, is "racist, it is factually wrong and may be the dirtiest fight he has ever picked on the campaign trail."

"Democrats let him into our country" reads the text in the beginning of the ad after showing courtroom footage of Luis Bracamontes expressing no remorse over the two police officers he killed.

"Democrats let him stay," the divisive ad continued before cutting to video of a Latin American migrants caravan. The video is seen by many as an attempt to link the mostly asylum-seeking migrants in the caravan to murderers and pin it on Democrats for being more sympathetic to immigrants.

Watch Baldwin go off on Trump below: