New York GOP has been destroyed by Trump and won't come back until 'we have flying cars': party insiders
Donald Trump at Trump Tower (Photo: Screen capture)

New York Republicans have acknowledged that the state’s party is all but dead after Democrats swept the midterms.

In an interview the New York Times, longtime GOP consultant Gerry O’Brien -- who recently changed his party affiliation to independent -- admitted as much.

“Someday the Republican Party might come back,” the Brooklyn-based O’Brien said. “But, of course, someday we’ll also have flying cars and personal jet packs.”

The report noted that consultants on both sides of the aisle admitted Trump, "the state’s most famous Republican," has made winning over independents difficult for the party.

"His brand of sleaze has totally turned off anybody who ever might even consider voting for Republican," O'Brien said.

During the midterms, the party lost eight state Senate seats and lost its “razor-thin” majority -- and even the party’s chairman Edward Cox admitted the severity of the loss.

“It was a bigger wave than anyone expected,” Cox told the Times. “There were red swaths across the state. But in the suburbs and the city, we really got hit.”