Newly revealed emails show Roger Stone boasted inside knowledge of WikiLeaks releases to Steve Bannon
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

The New York Times reports that newly revealed emails show right-wing dirty trickster Roger Stone boasted about inside information from WikiLeaks to Steve Bannon during the 2016 election when Bannon was President Donald Trump's campaign manager.

After watching WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's October 4, 2016 event where he teased -- but did not release -- any hacked emails stolen from the campaign, Bannon emailed Stone and asked him why nothing bad been dropped.

Stone wrote back and told him not to worry.

"A load [of emails] every week going forward," he replied.

Stone was correct: Over the next several weeks, WikiLeaks would drop a new batch of Clinton emails to create a constant leak of purportedly scandalous information.

And that's not all: According to the Times, "Stone not only seemed to predict WikiLeaks’s actions, but that he also took credit afterward for the timing of its disclosures that damaged Hillary Clinton’s candidacy."

Stone has denied having any inside knowledge of WikiLeaks' operations, despite the fact that he boasted to an ally that he'd had dinner with Assange and that he seemed to predict on social media the release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's emails weeks before they actually dropped.

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