Next Democratic chair of key House committee says he ‘intends to request Donald Trump’s tax returns’: report
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

MSNBC reported Tuesday evening that the congressman expected to chair the Ways and Means Committee when Democrats take control in November they will seek President Donald Trump's tax returns.

Ari Melber reports that Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), currently the ranking member of the committee, will the power that federal law gives the committee chair to see the returns.

The mechanism is an obscure, 100-yea-old law.

“Under the tax code, the Ways and Means chairman can demand and receive any taxpayer’s records from the IRS for confidential review,” the Wall Street Journal's Richard Rubin explained in October.

“[Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), who would chair the House Ways and Means Committee if Democrats take control of Congress] wouldn’t need approval from the full House, the Senate or the administration. Prosecutors, including special counsel Robert Mueller, can also get tax returns from the IRS," he noted.