Noted psychologist who escaped Nazis dies in New York after being shoved by rushing subway rider

A scholar who fled the Nazis from his native Austria as a child was killed after a rushed New York subway rider knocked him to the ground, reports the New York Times.

89-year-old Kurt Salzinger was making his way to the Macy's at Herald Square when a subway straphanger headed to a 3 train pushed him out of their way as he ran to catch the train.

Salzinger was knocked to the ground, suffering bleeding from the brain. He contracted pneumonia and died Thursday.

“It just shows a complete disregard for the elderly,” Dr. Salzinger’s stepdaughter Mara Chitayat told the NYT on Sunday at his memorial service.

Salzinger escaped Austria with his father, mother and older brother, as the Nazis took over in 1938. They fled to Japan and Seattle, before ending up in New York.

Dr. Salzinger had been alarmed by recent political developments.

Salzinger was a notable psychologist and professor who had published multiple books.

“He felt that there were some parallels to what was happening today and he was very angry about it — that it was reminiscent of the rise of fascism,” his stepdaughter said.