Panicked lawyers abruptly shut down Jerome Corsi interview after getting call from Mueller

Daily Beast reporter Anna Schecter revealed to MSNBC on Tuesday that her interview today with Jerome Corsi was abruptly shut down by his lawyers after a call from special counsel Robert Mueller's office, sending everyone into howls of laughter.

"I was about to go sit down and tape an interview with him exclusively," said Schecter. "He was in a car outside of Rockefeller Center and he didn't come into the building."

"What? You buried the lede," laughed co-host Stephanie Ruhle as Schecter continued.

"He doesn't get out of the car. His lawyer says 'shut it down, you're not doing the interview," she said. "His lawyer just had a call with special counsel's office. He won't tell me what transpired in that call.

"Get out of town. Is he going to pay you back for that ride?" Ruhle asked as the entire panel broke out in laughter. "I'm sorry, if I knew that was happening, I'd have been hanging outside 30 Rock all morning."

Watch the video below.