Political strategist unloads on Ivanka Trump: 'She's either criminally stupid or criminally arrogant'
Ivanka Trump (AFP/File / Ernesto BENAVIDES)

On Monday, it was revealed that Ivanka Trump had conducted government business over her personal email. It's not yet clear if Democrats in Congress will investigate and what, if any, repercussions she might face. But political observers were quick to note how bad the optics are, given her father's call to lock up Hillary Clinton over her use of her family's private server.

A CNN panel Tuesday discussed what the revelations might mean for Ivanka going forward and what she could possibly have been thinking, having lived through the 2016 campaign. Veteran Democratic strategist Paul Begala expressed shock that she would be so careless.

"The hypocrisy of Ms. Trump," Begala said. "She's either criminally stupid or criminally arrogant, maybe both, I don't know," he continued. "If anybody was on notice not to use private e-mail, it was someone in the Trump White House, particularly someone named Trump. Good lord. I mean, how stupid can you be, or how arrogant can you be?"