Republican CNN pundit nails Melania Trump for acting like she is in the royal family: 'Last time I checked we didn't have one'
Donald Trump, Jr., Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump

CNN political commentator Amanda Carpenter took a swipe at the prima donna status of the Trump White House.

During a panel discussion Tuesday, host Jake Tapper cited a Wall Street Journal report that revealed the only people who feel secure in their jobs at the White House are related to the president.

"Last time I checked we didn't have a royal family, but they sure like to act like it," Carpenter said. "How hostile of a workplace is this? They treat the people who go to serve them in good faith with such hostility and slam the door on them as they go out."

She asked what the possible purpose could be for such an action.

"I mean, I really wanted to give Melania [Trump] a fair chance, and I thought she was doing a great job as first lady, until you had that moment with the 'I just don't care' jacket," she confessed.

Democratic strategist Symone Sanders was floored by the fact that the biggest scandals for Michelle Obama were when she wore a sleeveless dress and told children to eat their vegetables.

Even the host noted he's not clear how anyone can avoid the first lady "throwing shade on a sitting deputy national security official."

The panel all agreed that the Trump White House has become more like "Survivor" than an episode of "The Apprentice."

Watch the panel discussion below: