Republican concedes in Arizona -- Dems pick up Jeff Flake's senate seat
Kyrsten Sinema, official photo.

For the first time in the 106-year history of Arizona, a woman has won the Arizona Senate election -- the first Democrat to win in the state in four decades.

Republican Martha McSally conceded to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema on Monday.

With Florida in a recount and Mississippi, the current U.S. Senate makeup for the next Congress stands at 51 Republicans to 48 Democrats.

On CNN, Kyung Lah, senior national correspondent, said that McSally's embrace of President Donald Trump could have cost her the seat.

"I spoke with a lifelong Republican and she told me that she simply was turned off by Trump," Lah reported. "She didn't care that mcsally was a woman."

"She didn't care she could make history here. She wanted McSally to pay for Trump," Lah explained.