Retired general: Trump's WW1 snub not just 'bad optics and bad politics -- it's a real mistake'
General (retired) Barry McCaffrey/MSNBC screen shot

MSNBC military analyst, retired General Barry McCaffrey, said President Trump's decision to skip World War One memorial services at Belleau Wood in France was "a real mistake" that sends "a bad signal to the armed forces."

"It's not just bad optics and bad politics," McCaffrey said, noting the historical significance of the battle. "We had 300,000 killed and wounded in a six month campaign and Belleau Wood, where the Marine brigade was prominent, was a key part of that whole effort."

"It was a good argument the U.S. saved Europe in World War One," McCaffrey added, saying the president had humiliated himself in front of the world. "Mr. Trump didn't get the historical importance of all this in front of 80 world leaders. It was a real mistake. Bad signal to the armed forces."

Watch the video below.