REVEALED: 100 percent of the funding for Matt Whitaker's 'dark money' nonprofit came from a single source
Matt Whitaker on CNN (screengrab)

An analysis of tax records for the alleged "dark money" nonprofit that once employed now-Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker reveals that all of its funding came from a single shady source.

The Center for Responsive Politics reported that The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a nonprofit revealed in a Washington Post report as a former employer of Whitaker, has for years been funded entirely by a group called DonorsTrust.

In its report, the CRP described DonorsTrust as a "pass-through vessel managing the money flow from wealthy individuals and foundations to nonprofit organizations while allowing the donors to remain anonymous."

Due to the design of the company, only the direct source of FACT's funds -- DonorsTrust -- is able to be revealed.

From 2014 until 2017, DonorsTrust accounted for all of FACT's funding, the CRP noted.

The report noted the irony in FACT's claim that it is "dedicated to promoting accountability, ethics, and transparency" while utilizing DonorsTrust's obscure funding structure.