Revealed: Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi knew they were spreading lies about Seth Rich's death
Jerome Corsi

The conspiracy theory that the tragic murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich was a WikiLeaks informant continues to thrive on the fringes of the Internet.

An exchange between Trump confidant Roger Stone and conspiracist Jerome Corsi show the two men helped promote the false claim, the Daily Beast reports.

Corsi told his Infowars followers that Rich had leaked a drove of DNC emails to WikiLeaks, leading to his murder. But exchanges between Stone and Corsi show the latter knew exactly who leaked the emails and that it wasn't Rich.

In an email over the summer of 2016, Corsi told Stone that "hackers" had given the emails to WikiLeaks, the Daily Beast observed.

No one witnessed the killing, but police believe the murder was the result of a robbery attempt. In the past, Rich's parents begged right-wing media personalities to stop promoting the conspiracy.

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