Sarah Sanders throws cold water on climate report backed by 300 scientists: ‘It’s not based on facts’
Sarah Sanders (CNN/screen grab)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Tuesday threw cold water on a government climate change report, which she insisted was "not based on facts."

The massive government report released Friday warned that climate change could kill thousands of Americans and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

At Tuesday's press briefing, Sanders was asked why President Donald Trump refused to believe the report that was issued by his own government and backed by 300 scientists.

"You have to look at the fact that this report is based on the most extreme model scenario, which contradicts long-established trends," Sanders complained. "Modeling the climate is an extremely complicated science that is never exact. The biggest thing we can do is focused on having the cleanest air and water and the president is leading on that front."

When pressed about the report, the press secretary insisted that it is not "data driven."

"We think this is the most extreme version, and it's not based on facts," Sanders said. "It's not data driven. We'd like to see something that is more data driven."

"[The current report is] based on modeling, which is extremely hard to do when you're talking about the climate," she added. "Again, our focus is on making sure we have the safest, cleanest air and water and the president's going to do exactly that."

Watch the video below from CNN.