Scaramucci gets torched on CNN after claiming ‘there’s no daylight between the president and the military’
Anthony Scaramucci/CNN screen shot

Former White House Director of Communications Anthony "the Mooch" Scaramucci told CNN's Brianna Keilar on Monday that there was "no daylight" between the president and the military, and wound up getting smacked down as the anchor reminded him of Trump's highly personal attacks on military leaders and Gold Star families.

"I don't think there is daylight between the president and the American military. I think they know where he stands," Scaramucci said. "On the Veterans Day issue, I hope given the good will the president should have with the military, they give him a pass."

"But he attacks military leaders, Admiral McRaven most recently," Keilar shot back. "This is just in a long line of attacks whether it be leaders or a gold star father or a war hero who is a political adversary to him."

"That doesn't square that there is no daylight," she added. "No daylight between him and generals or military leader who agree with him."

"I am talking about the service men and women of the country as it relates to political adversaries who happen to have military experience," an undeterred Scaramucci said, before admitting that the president should "rise above the political differences."

"You can't defend it is the point," Keilar replied.

Watch the video below.