School cop mercilessly slams and beats 14-year-old Louisiana student in leaked footage

A leaked security video shows a disturbing incident in which a Louisiana police officer appears to slam a 14-year-old middle school student to the ground then punch and hold him down for close to a minute, reports WAFB.

The teen was using a phone at Brusly Middle School to call his grandmother to pick him up after he got in trouble with the vice principal. The officer walks in, and address the student. When the student tries to walk past him, the cop grabs him and wrestles him to the ground. They wrestle for almost a minute. At one point it looks like the officer is punching the teen.

The officer's gun gets loose in the scuffle and a panicked onlooker jumps in to grab the firearm and move it out of the way. The officer then puts the teenager in a chokehold and flips him over his head.

After a few more seconds of struggle another officer joins in, and handcuffs the teen. He then slams him headfirst into a desk.

Louisiana State Police are investigating the case for allegations of excessive force, according to WAFB.

Watch video, courtesy of LiveLeak, below: