Seth Meyers ridicules Trump for trying to psych himself up to brag about his epic failures
Seth Meyers talks about Donald Trump's handling of hurricanes/Screenshot

Late Night host Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump for bragging about his plans that he knows are failures.

After the midterms election, Trump slammed members of his own party who he thinks lost because they did not want to be endorsed by him.

"After the election, Trump tried to make it sound like all the candidates he supported won," Meyers said.

After being questioned by a reporter about the outcome of the election being a blue wave, Trump repeatedly said, "I'll be honest I think it was a great victory."

"I love [when] Trump in real time brags about something he knows is a failure. It's like he is psyching himself up to ask a girl to a school dance," Meyers joked. "

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