Stephen Miller's uncle shames his nephew's hypocritical attacks on immigrants: 'A repudiation of the American dream'
White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.

David Glosser, the uncle of anti-immigration Trump official Stephen Miller, raked his nephew over the coals Friday for his efforts to help President Donald Trump demonize migrants seeking asylum in the United States.

In particular, Glosser took Miller and Trump to task for hyping fears about the caravan of migrants making its way through Mexico toward the U.S. border.

"This is again a recourse to a tactic known as the big lie," he said. "The people that are coming up from Central America now, they are going to present at the border. Each one of them, the few that are going to finally make it to the border, they are all going to be interviewed by Homeland Security experts. Before they can be admitted to the United States, they have to be able to make a case before an immigration judge demonstrating they are refugees."

Glosser then accused his nephew of behaving in a way that is fundamentally un-American.

"This institutional political racism sweeping across the country, focused on vilifying people that you don't know... to me it's a complete repudiation of the American dream," he said. "I don't think Mr. Trump has much to offer except for the hate."

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