Tell-all expose of Donald 'Trump and his women' to be penned by former National Enquirer editor
Donald Trump

Barry Levine, a former editor for the National Enquirer tabloid, is reportedly planning to write a tell-all book about President Donald Trump's scandalous treatment of women.

The New York Post reports that Levine will be writing a book that will include details about "Trump and his women," and may also include details of the cozy relationship Trump has enjoyed for years with National Enquirer owner David Pecker.

The Enquirer reportedly helped Trump through the years by launching a "catch and kill" operation that paid women who had either had affairs with Trump or who alleged abuse by him for the exclusive rights to their stories.

The tabloid would then sit on the stories to ensure that they would never see the light of day.

Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that "tips about Mr. Trump poured into the tabloid after his television show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ took off in 2002, but the Enquirer turned away stories that could paint him in a bad light."

However, Levine at the time would block Enquirer employees from writing about allegations leveled against Trump on the grounds that Pecker "wouldn't allow it."