'Thanks Jews': Right-wing mecca Gab comes back online after synagogue shooting -- and users let the anti-Semitism fly
MAGAbomber suspect Cesar Sayoc. (Image via Facebook)

Tech policy reporter Tony Romm posted screen captures as the so-called "free speech" social media site Gab came back online Sunday.

Gab had gone dark after investors, vendors and the host pulled away in wake of the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue last week. Prior to opening fire on the crowd at Tree of Life Synagogue services, the shooter announced to Gab that he was "going in." He was an active user of the site, particularly when it came to railing against Jewish people and doxing reporters.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba posted a new message to users, saying he hoped the users of the site could show the world how wonderful the Gab community is.

"We want to see nothing but positivity, peace and love. It's time to show the world that we have the best community on the internet," he said.

The first comment replied: "The jews [sic] will probably be paying for taking this down I'm guessing."

"It was the jews [sic]," another comment said in the reply.

"Well looks like I'll have to park the car for a while now that Gab is up. Thanks jews [sic]," said another user with a middle finger emoji.

Kyle, another Gab user, told the community that during the Gab outage he was watching tweets about the site and concluded, "twitter jews [sic] are the scum of the earth and they will never believe in free speech and cant [sic] wait to take it away from all of us."

See the screen captures below: