'So that's false, false, false and false': CNN's Jake Tapper issues rebuke of another fallacious Trump rally rant
CNN host Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday afternoon, CNN's Jake Tapper laid out what's at stake tomorrow as races all over the country will determine whether President Donald Trump has a sympathetic Republican Congress or an adversarial Democratic one.

"This time tomorrow, we will be closing in on revealing the first results in the 2018 midterm elections," he said.

"So far, at least 31 million early or absentee ballots have been cast in the first nationwide test of the Trump presidency. At this point in the last midterms in 2014, that number was only about 19 million."

Clearly, Tapper continued, Trump has a stake in the outcome of the election.

"President Trump himself has been advising supporters to vote as if he is on the ballot. It's an attempt to defy history and keep Republican control of Congress," Tapper continued.

"To do so, political newcomer, President Trump, is throwing out the conventional playbook and bringing back his own. Except now with less substance, and more fear."

Tapper also noted that at this point Trump's falsehoods had reached such epic proportions he might as well start a federal jobs program for fact checkers.

"That's false, false, false, and false," he said about the President's many misleading claims.