'That's how gangsters act': CNN's Jake Tapper slams Trump for 'dancing on the graves' of disloyal Republicans
CNN host Jake Tapper responds to Trump's press conference following the November 2018 election/Screenshot

Donald Trump gave a combative press conference on Wednesday afternoon following the fall of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

CNN's Jake Tapper responded to the president's words immediately following the event, and said Trump seemed afraid and was lashing out using "gangster" tactics.

"What we saw here was a president who clearly feels threatened and responded by threatening," Tapper said. "No matter how many times he said he had a tremendous night, that it was close to total victory, he knew in his heart that was not true."

Trump will now have to deal with emboldened Democrats and an aggressive press, and does not appear to be ready to change anything about how he behaves. The attacks on moderate Republicans in the suburbs who moved away from Trump were especially telling, Tapper said.

"The president started out by doing a dance on the graves of Republicans who did not show him enough fealty," Tapper said. "He danced on their graves and said because they did not embrace him, that's why they lost. He was flip about it... I've never seen a president take delight in people of his own party losing. The only thing I can compare that to is some of the works of Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese. I mean, that's how gangsters act. The idea that you're not loyal to them and you deserve the punishment."

Watch below.