The View’s Ana Navarro perfectly explains why talking about politics is so dreadful in the Trump era

The View's Ana Navarro lamented the way talking about politics has changed in the Trump era, saying that the president and his actions inevitably overshadows just about every other topic leaving no room for disagreement.

"Something has changed in the last two years -- well, I know what's changed in the last two years," Navarro said with a rueful chuckle. "It used to not be like that."

Navarro said that before the Trump presidency, "Democrats and Republicans could be friends".

"It used to be that Republicans who disagreed could become friends," she added, noting that under Trump there isn't even room for intra-party policy disagreements. "There's a litmus test."

Navarro also pined for the days when people talked about things besides the president. "We used to talk about children and food and diets and clothes and sex and boys and sex," she said sadly.

"We still do here," laughed co-host Joy Behar.

Watch the video below.