The View's Meghan McCain throws a tantrum after she's reminded Democrats are coming for Trump
Meghan McCain/ABC screen shot

The View's Meghan McCain threw a temper tantrum after co-host Joy Behar reminded her that Democrats won the House and are coming for President Donald Trump.

After Behar made the proposition that comedians at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner have difficulty roasting the president because "they don't love him", McCain claimed the event actually "hurts the press."

"A bunch of press in the room self-aggrandizing each other talking about 'we hate Trump and he is whatever,'" she said. "This is what is feeding his base. They hate the media."

"This is not about his base," shot back Behar, rolling her eyes. "This is about the newspapers.

"He sees the coverage of it and they see it as an attack," retorted a visibly angry McCain. "Again, as usual, I'm just trying to explain it."

"'As usual,'" interrupted Behar, poking fun at her seemingly perpetually aggrieved co-host.

This set McCain off. She completely lost her composure and began yelling. "I'm just saying, like, you want to know what some people in the middle of the country are like, I mean --

"He just lost the house," sneered Behar to wild applause. "He's going down."

McCain continued her tantrum, pleading with show runners not to cut to commercial as she sarcastically ranted about the 2020 elections.

Watch the video below.