Axios reporter Jonathan Swan told MSNBC's Kasie Hunt Sunday that the president has a tendency to break into an irrational rage when he's told something is against the law, and thus he can't do it.

"When you talk to people around him at the moment, he is very, very inflamed about this issue," Swan said of Trump's frustration over the border crisis. "Like sincerely inflamed. Yes, part of it is politics, but he is raging hot angry at Kirstjen Nielsen."

Swan noted that Trump doesn't want to hear anyone say that he can't do something. In fact, every time someone says "the lawyers won't allow it," the president is more likely to do it anyway to prove he can.

"So when you hear 'legalistic,' he goes into a rage," Swan continued. "And he doesn't want to hear it. He wants to hear, 'No, it's our land. It's our border, blunt force, stop them.' And whenever [Nielsen] comes back with, 'Well, Mr. President, there are these laws,' he shuts down. He's frustrated. He hasn't had any success building the wall. It's just been repairs and paltry amounts of money. If they don't give him the money he wants, I don't rule it out."

Swan also anticipated that Nielsen's forced departure is merely about timing at this point, but that it's inevitable.

Watch the commentary below: