Trump snaps at reporter over ban on racist ad: 'A lot of things are offensive -- your questions are offensive'
President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump on Monday snapped at a reporter who questioned one of his campaign ads that has been deemed "racist" by CNN.

Prior to a campaign event on Monday, a reporter pointed out to Trump that all three major news networks -- CNN, MSNBC and Fox News -- had banned the ad, which falsely stokes fear about a caravan of migrants invading the southern U.S. border.

"I don't know about it," Trump shrugged in response. "We have a lot of ads and they certainly are effective based on the numbers that we're seeing."

The president also indicated that he was not concerned about the offensive nature of the ad.

"A lot of things are offensive," he said. "Your questions are offensive a lot of times. So, you know."

Watch the video below.