Trump supporter ignored warnings to stop flashing Trump 2020 banners at Disney -- and now he's banned for life
Trump supporter Dion Cici gets himself banned from all Disney properties/Screenshot

An aggressive Trump supporter has been banned from all Disney properties for life after the company gave him a second chance following his efforts to incite a crowd by waving Trump 2020 banners, reports Fox 35.

Dion Cini, a Trump troll who travels the country flying Trump flags, had been warned not to hang flags. But he instead raised a Trump sign while riding on Splash Mountain.

Cini told the TV station that he didn't incite any crowds, so he should not have been kicked off property.

Cini had been a 26-year season pass holder prior to getting a trespass warning.

While he will not break the law by returning to Disney, Cini threatens to bring larger Trump signs to other public places where families are gathered to enjoy their day.

He calls it "guerrilla marketing."