Trump supporter fumbles as CNN's Jim Sciutto grills him about why Trump always sides with US enemies
Jim Sciutto (CNN)

On Friday, CNN host Jim Sciutto called out a supporter of Donald Trump about the president's pattern of siding with America's enemies.

Sciutto noted that Rep. Adam Schiff wants to investigate Trump's ties to Saudi Arabia after the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

After the CIA said the Saudi prince was responsible, Trump dismissed their findings as "feelings."

Sciutto asked Trump supporter Andre Bauer if Trump should be worried about the investigation.

Bauer fumbled while explaining that Trump should not be worried.

"It's an assassination on the president, where [people] just continued to go after him," Bauer said.

Sciutto cut him off and said that Trump focuses on the accused rather than the intelligence from his own administration.

Watch the video below via CNN.