Trump treats troops to rambling Thanksgiving diatribe against court: ‘We always lose — it’s a disgrace’
Donald Trump on the phone (screengrab)

President Donald Trump in a Thursday conference call forced service members deployed overseas during the Thanksgiving holiday to endure a rambling diatribe about the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, about which he has spent the past week complaining.

Trump compared the military's often deadly battles with resurgent Taliban forces to his actions to strengthen the United States' border with Mexico, saying both fights were about "borders".

"We're doing very well on the southern border," Trump said, launching into a diatribe. "We get a lot of bad court decisions from the Ninth Circuit which has become a big thorn in our side."

"We always lose, and then you lose again and again," the president complained. "It's a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services, when they tell you how to protect your border. It's a disgrace."

"So we're winning, and you're winning," Trump added before continuing on to his next call.

Watch the video below.