WATCH: Chris Matthews slams ‘wet liberalism’ of Democrats who won’t stop acting AG Matt Whitaker
MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews (screengrab).

Frustration with the Democratic Party's response to President Donald Trump boiled over on Thursday as MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews lashed out at "wet liberalism" from Democrats politely requesting acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker recuse himself from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

"Trump has handed the reins of the special counsel's investigation to an unabashed Trump loyalist -- a personal loyalist -- to insure that the president will be protected, not investigated," Matthews reported. "Trump's choice of Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General is raising alarm among those who consider the equal administration of justice a bedrock principle of American government."

"That's because by elevating Whitaker, the president of the United States is effectively hijacking the independence of the Department of Justice itself," he concluded.

Matthews was joined on air by former Rep. Liz Hotlzman (D-NY), who voted for Articles of Impeachment against Richard Nixon as a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

"I have never seen such wet liberalism," Matthews said. "It's all wet, gooey, gee whiz, please recuse yourself."

"How about using the power given to you by your office and stopping this?" Matthews wondered.

"It's not an issue of weak liberalism, it's just weakness," Holtzman replied. "Just weakness because this is something that affects Republicans, Democrats, independents."

"Are we a Banana Republic, do we have a president of the United States who can stop investigations into himself, his family, his friends?" she wondered.

"When you have bananas for the opposition, you have a Banana Republic," Matthews replied.