WATCH: Firefighters Union chief destroys Trump for ignorant attack on California as thousands flee wildfires

Brian Rice, president of the California Professional Firefighters, on a Monday appearance on MSNBC continued to rebuke President Trump for his tweets about the fires ravaging that state, after calling the president's comments "demeaning".

"I definitely would stay right with my comments that I wrote," Rice said. "The anger has subsided."

Rice added that forest fire management in the affected area is "a complicated issue", in which the federal government is responsible for land management but had delegated fire protection to the state.

"The statement that the president made, it was, it was ill timed," Rice said. "Forest management is a very complicated issue. It affects watershed, it affects water storage. And you can't just make a blanket statement."

Rice added that firefighters don't have control of the weather, which is what's driving the crisis.

"They could have had 200 fire engines on the front line facing off that fire on Thursday, they would not have stopped it," he said. "Right now, what is needed is support."

Watch the video below.