WATCH: Former FBI official predicts Mueller is ‘ready to indict some folks’ and explains how he’ll pull it off
NBC News national security contributor Frank Figliuzzi (screengrab)

The former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation laid out a series of fascinating predictions as to how he thinks special counsel Robert Mueller will proceed after the appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General.

Frank Figliuzzi joined MSNBC anchor Brian Williams for the "11th Hour" on Thursday.

"So Frank, what do you think is happening with Robert Mueller behind the scenes?" Williams asked.

"Well, I've got a theory, Brian -- and it's just a theory -- but perhaps Bob Mueller has already indicated to us what he's going to do," he suggested. "Perhaps what we'll see is Bob Mueller telling us the story of a corrupt president through indictments."

"I think the Whitaker appointment steps up the timeline and I think perhaps if Mueller sticks to the strategy of telling us the story through indictments -- the indictments speak to us -- that he'll speak to us soon, very soon, with additional indictments, perhaps that tell the story of a corrupt president," he continued.

At that point, Figliuzzi's satellite feed cut out, but he was quickly reconnected with Williams.

Williams asked Figliuzzi about his referring to Mueller as a "short-timer" before the show.

"Well, I think his days are numbered," he answered. "So Mueller knows that. He's, you know, he's been there, done that. He's prepared for this."

Figliuzzi said, "I think he's ready to indict some folks and through those indictments will tell the story of what he's found against the president."

"I'm not saying he's indicting the president. I'm saying there's a middle ground where he tells us the story, locks it into the court system by indicting others, then files a report with Whitaker," he concluded.