WATCH: Late Night's Seth Meyers pounds GOP for being 'so unpopular they had to make up a racist scam' to get votes
Comedian Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

Late Night's Seth Meyers on Thursday observed that Donald Trump's migrant caravan fearmongering shows just how deeply unpopular the GOP has become.

"Republicans have done so little and what they have done is so unpopular that their only strategy for the midterms is to make up a racist scam to scare people," the host said.

The "one constant" in Trump's life, Meyers noted, "is that he is a scam artist."

This week alone, the Trump family was the subject of a federal lawsuit brought by investors who accused them of fraud and racketeering in "get rich quick schemes," he added.

"Just take the wall," Meyers noted. "It doesn't exist, it's never going to exist, and now Trump is sending troops to the border in a stunt and claiming that is as good as a wall."

"The wall isn't made of bricks anymore," he joked. "It's made of people."

Watch below: