WATCH LIVE: Police respond to mass shooting at Thousand Oaks bar
Thousand Oaks, California shooting (Photo: Screen capture)

Police are responding to another mass shooting, this time in Thousand Oaks, California, inside a Borderline Bar and Grill.

Local ABC affiliate KABC said during morning footage that at least of the survivors at the event was also in the Las Vegas shooting just two years ago during the country and western festival.

At least one sheriff's deputy was shot multiple times after being the first law enforcement official to appear on the scene.

Thousand Oaks Mayor Andy Fox said some of the victims suffered very serious injuries, and the shooter was "neutralized," but he didn't have any specific details about the status of the shooter or injured people.

Survivors said that the shooter was wearing all black. One woman said she believed it was a handgun and that the shooter reloaded at least once. Witnesses said the shooter used smoke bombs, which caused chaos.

The evening was a college night a few miles from California Lutheran University.

Watch ongoing footage from KABC below: