WATCH: Pizza shop manager 'violently swung' at customer's wife after getting seconds at salad bar
A pizza shop manger throwing a phone at a customer [Photo: Screenshot from video]

A pizza shop manager in Washington threw a phone at a customer's wife over a dispute. The manager's name has not been released. Customer Johnny Velasco said that the manager complained after he visited the salad bar twice.

Velasco claimed that there was a racial motive behind the situation and that the manager did not approach any other customers who got seconds at the salad bar.

“He approached me at the salad bar, aggressively demanding I put the salad on my plate back into the salad bar,” Velasco told YarkTri News.

The manager then asked Velasco and his family to leave.

“I followed him to the phone where he was calling the police from, asked my wife to begin recording, when he suddenly violently swung at my wife, hitting her in the hand, knocking the phone out of her hand,” Velasco said.

Kelly O’Leary, a part-owner said that the manager "was out of line."

The owner of the restaurant is looking into the situation, and the Kennewick Police Department said the event is not being investigated as a criminal a matter.

Watch below.