WATCH: Trump hilariously mocked for using the military as a prop ‘except of course if it’s raining’
President Donald Trump

On Monday, CNN's John Berman nailed President Donald Trump for how he treats the military.

Trump has come under scrutiny for treating the military like "toy soldiers" and for using them as a political prop to influence elections.

Berman joked that Trump didn't use the military as a prop when it rains, in response to Trump missing historic events in Paris because of the rain.

"He has not spent one-day visiting troops in the field. The worse thing he has done is politicizing the military with this crackpot deployment of troops to the border for no reason other than to serve as a political stunt," Conservative Max Boot said.

"Gen. Hertling said the president uses the military as a prop - unless of course if it's raining," Berman said.

Watch the video below CNN.